How Would Luxury Limousine Transportation Cope with a World Cup in Toronto

The idea is not new. Why would a world-class city like Toronto not be able to host the world cup? As a matter of fact, Canada has never hosted the men’s world cup, so it makes sense that if the world cup ever comes to Canada, then Toronto should be the city that hosts it. It is, after all, fair because, in North America, both Mexico and the United States have hosted the world cup in the past. Therefore, according to FIFA‘s rotational policy, when the world cup comes to North American in the next cycle, it should be Canada’s turn to host this marvelous event.

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How would the city, its infrastructure and its transportation and limousine business handle such a gigantic event? Let’s take a closer look.

Dealing with Demand

luxury limo fleetToronto has a large number of companies that provide limousine services and rentals. In fact, it is the largest market for limousines in all of Canada. So, when you have athletes, celebrities and visitors come to the city then it should not seem impossible for theses limousine rental companies to be able to handle the demand. However, consider the amount of demand that will be there! In fact, it could be so tremendous that even the current infrastructure for transportation may not be enough.

So, what can be done about such a potential problem? Well, the good news is that the world cup usually does not come suddenly. There will be plenty of time for the transportation section including the TTC, car rental, coach bus, and limo rental companies to prepare for the event. They would typically add to their fleets during the time of the event. Dream night limousine has indicated they would add as many as ten vehicles to their fleet during such as event (visit their website to learn more). Other ideas that have been floated is to rent limos from other nearby cities. It sounds a little crazy. However, it could be done. When there is tremendous demand in one city, other cities can ‘lend’ their fleet to the city under pressure. This would only last for the duration of the tournament. The limos would then be returned to their owners in other cities after the event is complete.

BMO field in Toronto

Could it Happen?

One of the things that separate Toronto from other cities in Canada is that it has such a large population of soccer loving people. It could be due to immigration. In fact, Toronto FC is one of the most successful teams in the MLS. It is also the team that attracts the largest number of fans for their games in BMO field. That is a testament to the people who live there, and it is also an indication of how well the city would be able to host an event as spectacular as the World Cup. In any case, it would be truly amazing to experience!

Factors to Consider when Travelling to Toronto that may be Related to its Ability to Host Sporting Events

When it comes to the most exciting trips to cities in Canada, most people consider Toronto. With all the things that are available in the city, it is to understand why this amazingly multicultural city is becoming a world destination. It will not be long until people recognize it as one of the best destinations to travel to in the world.

Toronto is the capital of Ontario and the biggest city in Canada. It is also on the list of some of the biggest city in N. America with an impressive array of things to do and places to see. It is also the home of the CN Tower, which was until recently one of the tallest buildings in the world. Toronto is to four professional sports teams.


The Toronto International Movie Celebration (TIFF) is among the most popular and world renowned film festivals. A few of the world’s most popular movies make their debut here every year. However, what makes the festival so really attractive is all the motion picture stars that make visits to enjoy the most up to date films and publicize their new work. If you like keeping up with star culture and would like the opportunity to see your favored superstar on the red carpet, going to Toronto for TIFF is the ideal festival for you to investigate.

The Niagara Wine Festival is the ideal place for wine enthusiasts in Ontario. Organized in the beautiful Niagara, it is the optimal celebration to try out the current wine releases from your favorite Ontario vineyards. And do not fret; this celebration is fun everyone.

While the boys are out at the sporting occasions, the women will wish to hang around in the downtown core that showcases durable shopping experiences for anyone. Whether you’re trying to find routine outlet store or even more luxurious NYC kind beauty parlors, you’ll have the ability to find everything in the shopping area of downtown Toronto.

The very best method to take pleasure in taking a trip in Toronto is using of a limousine. Many companies that provide limousine services in Toronto are starting to recognize this and supply limo rentals to take a tour of the downtown area.

Toronto offers site visitors and vacationers an endless quantity of things to do. The nightlife is simply as amazing with festivals, occasions, and clubs. It is also great to take in a Maple Leaf game while in the city. Try to arrange with a travel agent and see if any of these destinations can be in a package. Winters can be rather cold, and summer season can be very hot and damp. Remember your camera – you’ll desire to take photos of all the impressive places and attractions. If you decide to use a Toronto limo service for transportation in the city, then remember that you should use a company that hires local chauffeurs since they will know the city well.

For more about the best ways to travel using a limousine service in Toronto, visit their Facebook page for some excellent details and information.

Why The World Cup Should Come to Toronto Some time in The Next Century

The world cup is the premiere sporting event that the world currently knows. There is no bigger event anywhere on the planet. It is also the most international event in all of the sports. Some people may say that the Olympics is more international, however, the world cup has a certain flavor to it that cannot easily be found at the Olympics.

Similarly, Toronto is a city that is one of the most international cities in the world. It is very multicultural. You can easily stroll the streets of Toronto and be able to find Italian, Russian and Chinese cuisine, all on the same street corner!

world cupSo what is the point of this? The point is that such an international event deserves an international city like Toronto. Not only is Toronto a very international city, it is also one of the most lively and fastest growing cities in Canada and North America. With surrounding suburbs such as Mississauga, the whole GTA area is becoming a powerhouse when it comes to major cities in North America. Why wouldn’t such a great city like Toronto host the world cup? It would make a perfect host for this magnificent event. Furthermore, every team that is taking part in the tournament will have plenty of supporters and followers, and not all of them will be out of town either!

The world cup has gone to many different countries, but it has never come to Canada. Many sporting tournaments have come to Toronto, including the PanAm games 2015. This means that the city if ready and able to host major sporting tournaments such as this. It has the infrastructure, the hotels, the transportation system and the people to handle such a great event.

Consider also that soccer has been one of the most popular sports in Toronto for many years. When Toronto FC started playing in BMO field, the whole city got behind the team. To this day, the team is known for having the most supporters, and the best stadium atmosphere in all MLS. Many American cities would love to have the soccer supporters that Toronto has.

So, in all of this, would it not be right for this amazing city to host the most amazing sporting event in the whole entire world?

Sometime within the next century, we will find the answer to this question.

My Love Affair With The Beautiful Game

In 2010 I ended my love affair with the beautiful game and hung up my Adidas World Cups after what I thought was going to be my last game of football ever (how very dramatic of me). My 20 year relationship with football has seen me play for 16 different clubs, play over 700 games, rack up about 200 yellow cards (no reds, yet) and make more friends than a man could ever want, but without doubt, a lot more enemies. Football isn’t just a sport, it unites people, it forms unbreakable bonds and creates memories that we will reminisce about long after our legs have given up on us.