How Would Luxury Limousine Transportation Cope with a World Cup in Toronto

The idea is not new. Why would a world-class city like Toronto not be able to host the world cup? As a matter of fact, Canada has never hosted the men’s world cup, so it makes sense that if the world cup ever comes to Canada, then Toronto should be the city that hosts it. It is, after all, fair because, in North America, both Mexico and the United States have hosted the world cup in the past. Therefore, according to FIFA‘s rotational policy, when the world cup comes to North American in the next cycle, it should be Canada’s turn to host this marvelous event.

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How would the city, its infrastructure and its transportation and limousine business handle such a gigantic event? Let’s take a closer look.

Dealing with Demand

luxury limo fleetToronto has a large number of companies that provide limousine services and rentals. In fact, it is the largest market for limousines in all of Canada. So, when you have athletes, celebrities and visitors come to the city then it should not seem impossible for theses limousine rental companies to be able to handle the demand. However, consider the amount of demand that will be there! In fact, it could be so tremendous that even the current infrastructure for transportation may not be enough.

So, what can be done about such a potential problem? Well, the good news is that the world cup usually does not come suddenly. There will be plenty of time for the transportation section including the TTC, car rental, coach bus, and limo rental companies to prepare for the event. They would typically add to their fleets during the time of the event. Dream night limousine has indicated they would add as many as ten vehicles to their fleet during such as event (visit their website to learn more). Other ideas that have been floated is to rent limos from other nearby cities. It sounds a little crazy. However, it could be done. When there is tremendous demand in one city, other cities can ‘lend’ their fleet to the city under pressure. This would only last for the duration of the tournament. The limos would then be returned to their owners in other cities after the event is complete.

BMO field in Toronto

Could it Happen?

One of the things that separate Toronto from other cities in Canada is that it has such a large population of soccer loving people. It could be due to immigration. In fact, Toronto FC is one of the most successful teams in the MLS. It is also the team that attracts the largest number of fans for their games in BMO field. That is a testament to the people who live there, and it is also an indication of how well the city would be able to host an event as spectacular as the World Cup. In any case, it would be truly amazing to experience!