Why The World Cup Should Come to Toronto Some time in The Next Century

The world cup is the premiere sporting event that the world currently knows. There is no bigger event anywhere on the planet. It is also the most international event in all of the sports. Some people may say that the Olympics is more international, however, the world cup has a certain flavor to it that cannot easily be found at the Olympics.

Similarly, Toronto is a city that is one of the most international cities in the world. It is very multicultural. You can easily stroll the streets of Toronto and be able to find Italian, Russian and Chinese cuisine, all on the same street corner!

world cupSo what is the point of this? The point is that such an international event deserves an international city like Toronto. Not only is Toronto a very international city, it is also one of the most lively and fastest growing cities in Canada and North America. With surrounding suburbs such as Mississauga, the whole GTA area is becoming a powerhouse when it comes to major cities in North America. Why wouldn’t such a great city like Toronto host the world cup? It would make a perfect host for this magnificent event. Furthermore, every team that is taking part in the tournament will have plenty of supporters and followers, and not all of them will be out of town either!

The world cup has gone to many different countries, but it has never come to Canada. Many sporting tournaments have come to Toronto, including the PanAm games 2015. This means that the city if ready and able to host major sporting tournaments such as this. It has the infrastructure, the hotels, the transportation system and the people to handle such a great event.

Consider also that soccer has been one of the most popular sports in Toronto for many years. When Toronto FC started playing in BMO field, the whole city got behind the team. To this day, the team is known for having the most supporters, and the best stadium atmosphere in all MLS. Many American cities would love to have the soccer supporters that Toronto has.

So, in all of this, would it not be right for this amazing city to host the most amazing sporting event in the whole entire world?

Sometime within the next century, we will find the answer to this question.