Taking a Limousine Ride to Pearson Airport

In recent years, it is easy to see the long lineups at Toronto Pearson airport. While many passengers use ride sharing services, still a large number of passengers prefer the traditional limousine rental! These limo service companies offer verified taxi and limo services that are usually certified by the airport authorities such as the Toronto Airport Authority. For example, on their rental limo renting twitter page, this limousine provider says that they offer a variety of cars and limousines that can take passengers to Pearson airport or the island airport.

The types of limos that are offered vary greatly depending on the need of the passengers. For example, a small family may only need a sedan SUV limo, while a large group of people traveling together would require a stretch limousine that can fit as many as 10 passengers. For very large groups, a limo bus may be needed, however these are usually reserved for functional parties and events, not airport travel.